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President Trump

The imperfect man for imperfect times. 

         Loves the USA with a passion.


I'm Fired Up! I'm Engaged!

 I know that I have the courage to strenuously work to change the things I can.

I ask you -
do you have the courage, the energy, the drive, the determination, the love of country,  to do the same?

Washington DC has to change.
We can change it.
We must change it.
Let's do it!


October 28th, 2011 - An Indescribable Day

The emotions of being sworn in as a legal, naturalized citizen 

of the United State of America can barely be put into words. 

Goose-bumps were only half of it. 

On arriving back at our home in Tennessee, my beautiful, California wife 

gave me a card that simply said "You Made It". 

I hugged her. I broke. The tears flowed. 

Tears of such positive, privileged and proud achievement.

God Bless the USA.

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